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Provision of IT resources

Through our understanding of our customers’ environments and requirements, we are able to position that right resources that our customers need to bridge the gap they have in their IT resources.

Our IT Professionals are selected carefully to match the customers’ exact requirements. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience , having worked in many different environments and projects, and are available for terms ranging from a few months to extended multi-years assignments. We take the time to carefully align their strengths and goals with our customers' needs and we monitor this service regularly to provide quality feedback to both customer and IT professional.

We are proud of our long list of satisfied customers in Qatar who have used our resources in deploying different projects at

Implementation services of our solutions
Delivering the paradigm shift in the ever changing needs of today’s customer-oriented services, ICT Technical Services department provides a comprehensive portfolio of professional and Multivendor services that enable customers plan, design, implement, manage, maintain and support the IT resources and solutions.

We have adopted ITIL standard as our main framework for delivering professional services to our customers through our ITIL certified engineers and project managers.

Our Implementation services is managed by a skilled and certified project managers who make sure that the services are delivered in a high quality & according to project requirements and are achieving high customer satisfaction.

Our services are delivered by our local technical teams, who are skilled, trained, certified, and have long experience in providing the designing, implementing, and support services to our customers in Qatar.
Consultancy and Professional Services
Our goal is to provide the highest quality and world-class services to our customers; and to help them excel by enabling them to leverage the full potential of their IT solutions. Our approach, which is based on the latest IT standards and our successful past experience, is customized to fit the unique requirements of each customer challenge. Here at ICT we are committed to "Providing Value through Service."

Our technical team is skilled, trained, certified, and has long experience in providing the services of consultancy , designing, implementing, and supporting a complex and large projects at enterprise customers in Qatar.

The Team skills and certificates are particularly covering the IT infrastructure domain, i.e. Network, Security ,Systems, communications, Microsoft Infrastructure Software , and solutions software From initial planning and design to the creation and management of globe spanning systems, we provide all the related products and services.

ICT resident technology consultants have helped a number of leading national and international enterprise customers to develop bullet-proof solutions.

ICT offers optimization by the application of modeling and evaluation to determine the proper technology hardware and software that is most recommended to provide the best cost/performance for the required applications.

Operational Capabilities:
ICT evaluates and tests products from multiple vendors to ensure that they are operational with one another and compatible with existing and planned technology.

Functionality is identified from the planning phase. ICT creates a comprehensive package that documents the logical and physical layout of the required solution.

ICT highly skilled team implements, integrates , and tests all solution components where each site's unique functional requirements are always taken into consideration. The team configures and tests each component individually and collectively and prepare for deployment to the site


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